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Valley 7 Lakes Marathon

April 27, 2020 - 6:30am
401 Pine St., Waterloo, NE, 68064
Fun Run / Race
Organization Info: 
401 Pine St., Waterloo, NE, 68064

Site: DC West High School

Event Details: The Valley 7 Lakes Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5 Person Relay tours the 7 deep water lake communities in and around charming Valley, Nebraska. "Giving every participant the opportunity to run to their potential" is the race's guiding star. The course has been designed to a total of 21' elevation gain, earning it the "Flattest Closed Road Marathon in the World" designation. Nebraska's only completely closed road marathon, no bike paths or sidewalks! The 5 Person Road Relay will be in the traditional Japanese fashion with legs of 5K, 10K, 5K, 10K, 12K. Runners will wear and pass a sash called a Tasuki. Check the website for more details. All events start and finish on the DC West High School track. Proceeds benefit DC West Cross Country and Western Douglas County community based fitness programs.


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