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Global Statistics

7,647 Nebraskans have logged 1,510,615 miles

A Message From The Governor

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the LiveWell Challenge! My wife Susanne and I are thrilled that you have decided to join us as participants in this exciting program.

The LiveWell Challenge is a program that invites you to move 150 miles or more in 2018 and log your efforts along the way. Find an activity you enjoy and get started now! I’m an avid cyclist and love riding outdoors. Susanne enjoys going on walks and the kids like to run. Our family hedgehog Olive, when she’s feeling particularly peppy, likes to run on her wheel.

The beauty of this LiveWell Challenge site is that so many activities you do can be converted into miles. The LiveWell Challenge is about finding an activity you love, spending a bit of time at it each day and earning recognition for your achievements.

We know you have what it takes, especially with the entire state banding together to support one another in this effort. Be sure to take advantage of the great resources this site has available. There are links to Nebraska’s amazing hiking, biking, and kayaking trials and waterways. You’ll also find tips for healthy living as well as information about marathons, walks, and other organized amateur sporting events throughout the state. There’s even a fun social media feed for you to share your photos and experiences as you are out and about on adventures.

If competition is what gets you motivated, the LiveWell Challenge can accommodate that as well. Register as a group and challenge other family members, classrooms, office departments, or social clubs. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to inspire me to do just one mile more. After all, I can’t let my three teenagers outdo their ‘old’ dad! 

Susanne, the kids, and I hope you enjoy participating in the LiveWell Challenge. We truly are blessed to live the Good Life filled with Great Opportunities.


Pete Ricketts