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Global Statistics

6,932 Nebraskans have logged 1,360,689 miles

About the Program

2019 Governor's Walk Set For Thursday

The 12th annual Governor’s Walk is set for Thursday, Jan. 24 at 1 p.m. beginning in the second-floor rotunda at the State Capitol. Read more…


As we wind down the second and final year of the NE150 Challenge, we’d like to wish you a very Healthy and Happy Holiday Season. We’d also like to share what’s next with regards to the NE150 Challenge. So, here goes…

First, beginning Jan. 3, 2019, the new name for the program is LiveWell Challenge after our title sponsor, Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing articles, most often success stories and healthy tips meant to inform and inspire you to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Second, you can access the site at the same URL, which will direct you to the new URL, at least for a while. Eventually, you’ll want to bookmark as we will eventually let the old URL expire.

Third, you do not have to create a new account. Your username and password will work the same as before. Your total mileage will continue to be displayed on your dashboard and you can access past logging records as desired. Your trophy room WILL be cleared out at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 31; at that point, your 2018 (and previous if you joined in 2017) trophies will be archived and easily accessible, and you will have the opportunity to begin filling your 2019 Trophy case at midnight, although we recommend a good night’s sleep first, of course.

Fourth, with the new year and new name, we recommend you establish a new goal. If your previous goal was 150 miles per the sesquicentennial, try for 200; if you had 500 last year, go for 1,000! And, let’s all make it a goal to challenge friends, co-workers and/or family members to join us in this endeavor. The “Group” functions on the Challenge website are perfect for rallying families/companies and tracking progress.

Lastly, let us know how you’re doing. We’ll continue to share your social media posts if/when you use #LiveWellChallenge, so please take us along on your journey—as we’ve seen so often in the past, you never know when/how/why your success might inspire others.

Feel free contact us at [email protected] with any questions. Thank you and again, Happy Holidays!


The Challenge


Nebraska organizations, businesses, colleges and schools are joining the Nebraska Sports Council in an effort to get Nebraskans to complete 150 miles or more of physical activity throughout the year.

Nebraskans can complete miles in a variety of different ways – bicycling, paddling, rolling, hiking, climbing, swimming – however you want to complete the challenge.

This challenge is more than just logging miles. It’s about connecting Nebraskans from all across the state, discovering new trails and finding events or opportunities to challenge yourself.

We encourage you to sign up today and to join other Nebraskans in completing the challenge!




The LiveWell Challenge and program are based on Missouri’s 100 Miles program, developed through Governor Jay Nixon's office. Thanks to them for generously donating the code and providing advice to our effort.