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  • Welcome to LiveWell Fall Challenge (2012)!
About This Challenge

What's the best way to keep from gaining weight over the holidays? Build a solid calorie-burning routine going into Thanksgiving, and feel too good to stop! 
How does one do that?  Participate in the LiveWell Fall Challenge!  This four-week wellness booster is all about learning how to balance calorie-intake and calorie-burn.  Over four weeks, record your physical activity minutes daily, and the system will calculate your calorie-burn. Weekly tips will help you determine proper calorie intake and calorie burn to meet your fitness goals through the fall, the holiday season and beyond. 
Monitor your progress on the program-wide leaderboard and compete for major prizes, including weekend getaways to Estes Park, Chicago and Kansas City.  Participation in the LiveWell Fall Challenge is included in your annual membership in the LiveWell Challenge Series.
Enroll Today!  Annual membership in the LiveWell Challenge Series is $30--or $25 for returning corporate members.  Membership benefits include:
  • Annual magazine subscription.  Choices include: Prevention, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Organic Gardening, Bicycling, and Runners World
  • Micro-fiber training shirt
  • Year-round access to your personal wellness dashboard, including physical activity and nutrition tracking software
  • Free enrollment in the LiveWell Fall Challenge (Oct. 22 - Nov. 19, 2012)
  • Free enrollment in the LiveWell Team Challenge (Jan. 14 - Apr. 8, 2013)
  • $5 off enrollment in the LiveWell Family Challenge (June 3 - July 15, 2013)
  • $5 off entry fee in the 2013 Cornhusker State Games (July 19-28)
Registration opens Oct. 1.
Mini Challenges
  There are currently no mini-challenges.
Leaderboard Results
Top 3 Leading Organizations
1. City Of Lincoln16,484.50 calories
2. Upper Republican NRD9,134.50 calories
3. Upper...5,942.50 calories
Top 3 Leading Teams
1. NRD Walkers9,134.50 calories
2. CPNRD Water Champs3,996.13 calories
3. Callaway District...3,362.93 calories
Top 3 Leading Individuals
1. John Donahue16,484.50 calories
2. Amy Jelinek11,496.00 calories
3. Marcia Lee9,361.00 calories

This challenge has ended.
Registration is closed.
More Information
Activity:Calories Burned
Participants:52 (5 teams)
Dates:10/22/12 - 11/19/12
Duration:29 days
Created By:System Administration
Avg. Wt Loss:0.45%
Total Minutes:19,433.00 minutes
Total Cal. Burned:126,762.20 calories
What is a Challenge?

Challenges are a great way to motivate yourself and others to achieve your mutual health and fitness goals. A challenge on Lighten Up Challenge can be focused on weight loss, activity levels or both. Joining a challenge is a great way to compete with your friends, family or coworkers while at the same time motivating each other to lose weight, get in shape and enjoy the life-long benefits of an active lifestyle.

Members can participate in all available challenges at no additional cost. A Lighten Up Challenge Membership is only $15 per year - that's less than the cost of many diet or exercise books!